06 November 2020

WhatsApp is recently launching 2 new useful updates, Disappearing Messages and WhatsApp Payment Service

WhatsApp has recently launched two useful features. Just a few days ago in WhatsApp announced the Disappearing Message feature and on Friday WhatsApp has claimed to launch a payment service in India.

Facebook CEO Mark says that it will be so easy that like messaging someone, you can easily send money to anyone with ease and request payment from anyone.

Disappearing Messages: We will use WhatsApp Disappearing Messages when we want that any chat we do with our friend will be automatically deleted in 7 days. WhatsApp has probably launched this feature thinking that many of our chats are of no use longer, then they will be automatically deleted in 7 days.

In many situations, this feature can prove to be quite useful, but in many situations, this feature can also prove to be harmful. Like, if we have done any important conversation through chat with someone, but for some reason, if that thing is not completed, then we will not have any proof of that matter, although we have the facility of screenshots or we can forward the messages.

WhatsApp Pay: And on Friday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made another announcement in which he said that WhatsApp is going to start the payment service via WhatsApp for Indian users called WhatsApp Pay.

This service will use the UPI payment service like it happens in other payment applications. All the transactions of money will be done through UPI ID so that it will be absolutely safe.

WhatsApp Pay payment service is linked to 5 banks in India, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, and Jio Payments Bank. WhatsApp's payment service will be accessible in 10 languages.

"There is no such thing as a charge because it's WhatsApp already knows it is secure and private too. With UPI India has created something special and opening up a world of opportunity for little and Small Businesses that is the backbone of the Indian economy", Mark Zuckerberg stated in a video.

WhatsApp Pay service can only be used for the Indian number link to an Indian bank account