14 October 2020

Aman Baisla Case Update: Ajay Hooda talked about Aman Baisla in Live video


  • Ajay Hooda stated in his live video on Facebook that the police should solve the case as soon as possible- "Police ko dhoodh ka dhoodh or pani ka pani kr dena chahiye jaldi se jaldi" October 13

Everyone is coming forward in the case of Aman Baisla. Recently, noted singer Ajay Hooda talked about the Aman Baisla case on his live video on Facebook. You can see Ajay Hooda's video on his profile or below: 

Ajay Hooda stated on Aman Baisla case in his live videoOctober 13 [Click to Expand]

Ajay Hooda says that the police should take this case very seriously. We should not see whether the culprit is an artist of a normal individual.

Ajay Hooda said that actions should be taken as soon as possible and all the truth is revealed.