10 October 2020

Aman Baisla Case Study - Ajay Hooda talked about Aman Baisla in Live video


  • Ajay Hooda said in his live video that the police should resolve the matter as soon as possible- "Police ko dhoodh ka dhoodh or pani ka pani kr dena chahiye" October 13
  • Fazilpuria Demands justice for Aman Baisla October 3
  • Sunil Nagar Tweeted on Aman Baisla caseOctober 2
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Ajay Hooda stated on Aman Baisla case in his live videoOctober 13

Reaction of Falilpuria on Aman Baisla Case October 3

Who is Aman Baisla?

Aman Baisla was a Delhi based Businessman, died by suicide on September 29, police said. He was just 22 years old when he lifeless, Before taking the massive step with his life, Aman Baisla accused his former business partner and a singer from Haryana of cheating him by not returning cash taken from them. Aman Baisla shared a video before he killed himself in which he told what happened to him, How his ex-business partner betrayed him, He told everything that threatened him. You can reach to his Facebook and Instagram accounts by clicking on these links.

What happened to Aman Baisla?

Aman Baisla lost his life by getting upset because his ex-business partner cheated on him and took some money him in the name of borrowing and torturing him on demand.

How many people are involved in this case?

Aman Baisla accused a well-known Haryanvi singer Sumit Goswami and a younger lady Neha Jindal for mentally torturing him on demand money. Previous to the suicide, Aman Baisla shoots a video which he uploaded to his Social Media account( Facebook and Instagram). Within the video, the businessman made serious allegations in opposition to Neha Jindal and the singer.

Video shared by Aman Baisla

Police Statement on Aman Baisla Case

Famous Singer Raftar demands justice for Aman Baisla

Sunil Nagar's Tweet on Aman Baisla Case

What has been the progress of Aman Baisla's case so far?

So far no concrete action has been taken in this case. Once, Sumit Goswami and Neha Jindal were arrested by Police just for questioning and leave them after some time. Police are continuously taking action on this case but people say that despite all the evidence, what are you(to Police) waiting for?.

The truth of why the police have not arrested Sumit Goswami and Neha Jindal so far is yet to be revealed

On social media, everyone is demanding that Aman Baisla get justice as soon as possible.