18 October 2020

Aman Baisla Case Update: DND Flyover, Delhi-Noida Road Jam on October 29

Aman Baisla Case Update:

  • The family of Aman Baisla said that if they do not get justice, they will jam DND Flyover on 29 October
  • Everyone is supporting Delhi Jaam on October 29

Aman Baisla's family says that till now they are not getting any justice. They are not getting any support from any side.

The law is not supporting them at all, They say that. Aman  Baisla's mother cries and said that if our son does not get justice, then we will die.

Aman Baisla's mother says that "they are being kicked out of police stations"

She says that nobody is saying anything to Sumit Goswami.

Aman Baisla's Sister: Aman Baisla's sister said that "if we do not get justice, If the police did not take any concrete action against Sumit Goswami, then we are going to DND Flyover on October 29 to get justice for my brother."

After that, Aman Baisla's father said that "I have requested the police to the commissioner to every law enforcement legal officer. But till now I have not received any response from anyone. Today 17-18 days have been completed but nothing has been heard so far."

Police say to Aman Baisla's father that "they are not getting any concrete evidence of Money", While Aman Baisla has clearly stated in his video before dying, father stated.

Aman Baisla's father says that "everything is inside the video of Aman Baisla. he has shown all the proofs from all the men on his behalf, from the screenshot to the mobile number he has shown, He has shown all the chats, yet he has shown why he is not getting justice".

"I feel absolutely true that the police are not supporting us at all, And my son was right who said that the police would not listen to me, Nobody will support me", Aman Baisla's father stated.

"And Sumit Goswami having fun with the police there, Drinking tea, taking selfies, shooting his videos", Aman Baisla's father stated. 

"A government leader and a company are supporting him in every way, where he needs money. It may be a legal requirement but Sumit Goswami is getting gull support" Aman Baisla's father stated. Aman Baisla's father crying while saying all this.

Video Statement:

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