11 August 2020

Google Introduced a new Search Feature in India - People Card

Image - Google

Google has introduced a new Search feature in India that allows users, influencers, freelancers, or anyone else who needs to be simply include themselves into Google's Search Result.

The company stated it has rolled out the feature, referred to as people cards, first in India because of the special affinity folks in the world’s second largest web market have proven toward looking up their own names on the search engine. People cards presently only supports English.

Users can create people cards about themselves by signing into their Google account and then looking up their name on Google search. This can immediate a new possibility called “add me to Search” or “get started”; tapping which will open a form that asks users to provide a bio (description) of themselves, their personal image (by default, Google fetches the image associated with a user’s Google account), hyperlinks to their website and social media profiles, and optionally, their Contact number, address, work and education details, and email address.

Google mentioned the more data a user provides, the better it would be for others to seek out them on Google Search. The company stated that it has put in place a number of measures to curb potential misuse of the brand new feature. One among which is limiting the variety of people cards a Google account can create — it is set to one.

“We have plenty of mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content, and if you come across low quality data or a card that you believe was created by an impersonator, you may tap the feedback link to tell us. If you not need your people card to look in Search, you'll be able to delete it at any time,” wrote Lauren Clark, Product Manager for Search at Google, in a blog post.

“For the hundreds of thousands of influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective workers, self-employed people, freelancers, or anybody else on the market who needs to be discovered, we hope this new Search feature will assist the world discover them. For people in India searching on mobile phones, people cards are rolling out in English starting at present,” wrote Clark.