Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix 5G get shell MIUI 12 on the basis of the previous Android OS 9 Pie

Turned conscious of the fact that the manufacturer is getting ready to launch the gadget Xiaomi Mi three Mix 5G GUI MIUI 12. However, she’s going to work on the older Android operating system 9 Pie.

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix 5G debuted in early 2019. Since then the machine never received the replacement operating system. It runs on Android 9 Pie shell MIUI 12, though all the new lengthy out with the next model of the OS, and is expected to fall a full debut Android 11. In addition, even the devices of previous generations have received packages from the updates however this gadget never has the present firmware, although ready to connect to wireless networks of the recent era, which is not available each new.

The owners of the “smart” telephone decided to affect the situation and created a petition in the service Change.org that drew the eye of the leaders of the Chinese model. They promised to grant their request, however, later turned out to count for a lot don’t have.

Because it turned out, Xiaomi Mi 3 5G Mix will get from GUI MIUI 12, missed the previous one, but it will solely occur in October. As well as, users of the phone will not rely that it will be based on a more modern operating system. They will have to use the product on the basis of outdated Android 9 Pie, and it will not permit them to access new functionality and performance.

source – thetimeshum