Why Google faces a 5 dollar billion class action lawsuit

The $5 billion class action suit alleges that the technology large and its parent Alphabet Inc collect user’s information by monitoring his activity on the internet even within the personal mode through apps and web site plug-ins, a Reuters report mentioned.


Search engine behemoth Google discovered itself in the middle of a proposed class action lawsuit filed in California for invading the privacy of end users even when they’re looking the net in what is known as the private or incognito mode.

Users usually login through the incognito mode assuming that it is protected as their search history isn’t being tracked. The petitioners have alleged that Google Search collects the personal information even as the users are underneath the impression that their data is secure and that quantities to misrepresentation.

Google, in its reply, has denied the allegations and said that it has been upfront in disclosing that web sites might collect information of the user every time they open them within the incognito mode.

As we clearly state each time you open a new incognito tab, web sites might have the ability to collect details about your looking activity,” Jose Castaneda, Google’s spokesman, mentioned.

The complainants have alleged that the Google Search giant has violated the federal wiretap regulation and the California Invasion of Privacy Law.

The federal wiretap act prohibits the intentional or purposeful interception, disclosing or utilizing the contents of a wire, oral or digital communication. The California Invasion of Privacy Law prohibits tapping into non-public communication and thereby maintaining the privacy of people.