Investment in Graphene Battery can be a beneficial investment

Today I’m going to tell you what is Graphene Battery’s and how it can be a good investment. Graphene is a new technology for batteries before graphene battery’s the Lithium-ion battery is used which is developed by Akira Yoshino in 1985 and in future all mobile company and many electrical car company’s invest in graphene battery’s

Now the question is why Mobile and automobile companies will invest in graphene batteries?

Because the Graphene batteries provide some extra benifits as compared to Lithium-ion battery’s the graphene batteries are more flexible and strong as compared to Lithium-ion batteries ‘ Graphene battery’s can charge more steadily as compared to Lithium-ion batteries its high capacity and it has a high-temperature range.

Where the Lithium batteries do not have such type of feature’s, and also it is dangerous for us there are so many cases of the explosion of Lithium-ion battery’s you can check on google there are so many case’s of the explosion of Lithium-ion battery where is Graphene batteries are safer because it is stronger than Lithium battery’s and it can handle the high temperature in the end Graphene battery’s are much much better than Lithium-ion battery’s

How can we earn money from investing in graphene batteries?

Now you can get some bit knowledge about Graphene battery’s by reading the previous paragraph and you also know that now many mobile company’s and automobile company’s now going to invest money in graphene battery’s so if we purchase there company’s share’s we can also get some money and we can also purchase the share of graphene manufacturing company’s because in future the demand of graphene is high, so why we not invest our some money to this company’s and earn more money this is an opportunity to us invest money in this company and earn money.

There are some top company’s which are manufacturing Graphene

Company NameLocationMarket Cap*
Directa Plus PLCItaly$ 242.0 million
Talga Resources Ltd.Australia$ 116.0 million
Versarien PLCUnited Kingdom$ 100.1 million
Saint Jean Carbon Inc.Canada$ 94.7 million
Haydale Graphene IndustriesUnited Kingdom$ 51.6 million
Group NanoXplore Inc.Canada$ 20.3 million
Graphene NanoChem LLCUnited Kingdom$ 7.1 million
First GrapheneAustralia$ 6.9 million
Elcora Advanced MaterialsCanada$ 5.9 million