02 June 2020

India has left lockdown behind and started Unlockdown, will get our growth back, says PM Modi

“While it is true that coronavirus has slowed down our growth, India has now left the lockdown behind and has entered unlock phase 1. So in a way, we have already started getting our growth back. I have confidence in India’s capabilities, crisis management,” PM Modi said.

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Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi’s speech: 

1: COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic where we have several priorities as we handle the situation now — we have to revive the economical condition while keeping the welfare of the poor in mind.
2: Getting growth back is what we also have our motto as we reopen the economy. I have full faith in India’s crisis management, talent, technology, innovation, and intellect.
3: I have faith in India’s Poor people,farmers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders. Therefore, yes, we will get our growth back soon. India will get its growth back. Friends, The virus may have impeded our speed, but the reality today is that we have left the lockdown phase behind and now we are in the Unlockdown 1.0 phase.
4: A large part of the country has reopened. The rest will reopen on June 8. 

5: We were able to do all this because even as the rest of the world was struggling in the grips of COVID-19, we took the right steps at the right time.

6: To bring India back on track in speed for fast-paced growth five things are very important: Inclusion,Intent,  Investment, Innovation,Infrastructure, .

7: Under PM “Gareeb Kalyan Yojana”, Rs 53,000 crore worth of financial assistance has already been provided to the poor.
8: During the lockdown, the govt provided 80 million LPG cylinders right at the doorstep of individual poor.

9: We have made decisions to make our economy and sectors are future-ready. “Reforms are not scattered now; rather than, our reforms are pre planned, and futuristic. For our economy, reforms mean taking it to the logical conclusion”.

10: The private sector’s participation across sectors of the economy are now truly a big reality.

11: If a country like ours India, which is the biggest storehouse of coal, had to insert coal for its requirements, there were policy bottlenecks that required reform.