Apple’s iOS 14 will include Podcasts app features in update to compete with Spotify

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — Apple’s full plans for iOS 14 might be introduced on 22 June through the WWDC 2020, but it seems like one of many reveals is a few major changes to the Podcasts app. The Podcast update is more likely to compete with the Spotify music app.

Apple's iOS 14 will include Podcasts app features in update to compete with Spotify

Apple subscribers will already be familiar with the “For You” feature, which has similarities to Spotify’s “Made For You” part that options new songs, artists, and playlists primarily based on what you’ve been listening to. Apple’s Podcasts app is predicted to have an identical function.

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The Podcasts app will study your private preferences to recommend new content material on the platform — a function that Spotify doesn’t really have yet. So far as I know, the latter only provides the top podcasts I’ve listened to earlier than.

Moreover, your user profile will also let you follow your mates so you could see what everyone is listening to. And if you’re a podcast creator, you have the choice to supply bonus content to the viewers.

Spotify has been surpassing Apple in additional countries now that it offers podcasts, as the company has been investing millions $ of to amass unique content. The report also talked about that Apple hadn’t made any significant new features for its podcasts service last yr — which might be why Apple is stepping up with it now.

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