PC Software Solved Paper BSc IT 1 Year 2018 MDSU

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B.Sc.(I.T)(Part 1) EXAMINATION,2018



Time allowed : Three hours

Maximum marks : 50

Part-A(Compulsory)   {Marks : 15}

Answer all ten questions (50 words each).Each question carries equal marks.

Part-B(Compulsory) {Marks: 15}

Answr all five queswtions (50 words each).Each question carries equal marks.

Part-C {Marks : 20}

Answr any three questions (400 words each), selecting one question fromeach unit. Three questionsof 7, 7 & 6 marks.

all questions and answers are in the drop-down form please click on the question and get your answer in drop-down form, we made it like it because of the long scrolling problem’s solution.

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PC Software Solved Paper BSc IT 1 Year 2018 MDSU

Q-1. What is concept of GUI ?

GUI‘s full name is Graphical User Interface it means an end-user interface like windows XP, window 7 etc…before it computers are running in a cmd operating system that was not user friendly so the concept of GUI was launched.

Q-1. Write down the use f “Rular” in M.S Word.

Ruler, In MS word a line running above page in the display screen. It measures the page layout in points, inches, or centimeters. It is called the ruler line and is particularly useful for setting margins and tabs while working in MS Word.

Q-3. What is Review tab ?

Review tab is an additional feature of Microsoft Office in which we can modify our project after completing it we can add a comment, comparison, track changes features for security, and checkup for proofing our document in MS Word.

Q-4. What is use of Book mark ?

The bookmark is like a point for our help like when we checking a project or reading a document but suddenly we have to left it, then we will apply bookmark because This will help us get to the abandoned place.

Q-5. What is clip art ?

Clip Art is a collection of images and cartoons like images used for importing in our document. The images are colorful graphics like animation. We can find from Clip Art like a boy, school, computer, etc. So Clip art is a little helper to make easily understandable our document or another program like PowerPoint Presentation etc..

Q-6. What do you understand by page orientation ?

Page orientation is the direction in which a program (eg:-document, project) is displayed or printed. The two main types of page orientation are portrait and landscape. The portrait mode shows the display in vertical and the landscape shows in horizontal.

Q-7. What is Hyperlink ?

A Hyperlink is a direct link to another file in our document or program. We can open directly another program in a single click from our existing document file. A hyperlink is the most useful feature while making a project.

Q-8. What are the types of alignment ?

There are mainly four types of alignment include left alignment, right alignment, centered, and justified(a fixed-width part of left alignment).

Q-9. What do you understand by page break ?

Page break is used to break your document page from the current cursor placed. When we do not need free space on our page mostly when we use Page Break.

Q-10. Define the title bar ?

The title bar is a horizontal bar located at the top of a window in a Graphical User Interface (GUI). It displays the main title of the software program, name of the current document, or other text identifying the contents of that window. So we can say that the Title bar is an identifier of our current program running in windows.

PC Software Solved Paper BSc IT 1 Year 2018 MDSU

Q-11. What do you understand by ‘Find and Replace’ ? Explain practical steps for it.

Find and Replace is used for replacing any text from our document, Sheet, etc. When we accidentally write another text instead of another text, it is used to replicate it.

Steps of Find and Replace
  1. Go to Home > Replace or press Ctrl+H.
  2. Enter the word or phrase you want to locate in the Find box.
  3. Enter your new text in the Replace box.
  4. Select Find Next until you come to the word you want to update.
  5. Choose Replace. To update all instances at once, choose Replace All.
Q-12. Explain the work sheet.

A Worksheet is an assortment of cells sorted out in rows and columns. It is the working surface you communicate with to enter information. Every worksheet contains 1048576 rows and 16384 columns and fills in as a monster table (Header) that permits you to compose data. Commonly, an exercise manual contains a few worksheets with related substance and just each of the worksheets is dynamic in turn.

It is mainly used in accounting purpose and store collection of data, making progress, In MS Excel is mainly used for calculations.

Q-13. Explain conditional formatting in MS-Excel.

Conditional Formatting is a function that permits you to apply formats to a cell or range of cells, and have that formatting change contingent upon the value of the cell or the value of a formula. For instance, you can have a cell seem bold just when the value of the cell is larger than 100. At the point when the value of the cell meets the format condition, the format you select is applied to the cell. In the event that the value of the cell doesn’t meet the format condition, the cell’s default formatting is utilized.

Q-14. Write the various function of MS PowerPoint.

PowerPoint used to make some beautiful presentations. For creating an amazing presentation we need some additional functions that PowerPoint provided, Look at below some of the functions of PowerPoint. We can use animations for making more creative presentations.

  • Adding Smart Art to your Slide
  • Inserting Shapes
  • Inserting Clip Art & Images
  • Slide Transitions
  • Animations
  • Master Slide
  • Slide Show
  • Different types o views

Q-15. Explain the procedure for adding header and footers.

Header and Footer allow you to add additional information like dates, file names, page numbers at the top or bottom of your document. Header and Footer are in the sticky form they are applied on every page base on conditions.

Look at the steps to add Header & Footer

  • Select the Insert tab on your home screen
  • Locate the Header & Footer group in the Insert tab
  • It displays Header and Footer commands
  • As required click either Header or Footer option
  • It displays a list of pre-built Header or Footer options you can choose or create your own.
  • Add the date you want like Date, Page No., Any text, etc..

PC Software Solved Paper BSc IT 1 Year 2018 MDSU

Q-16. Explain the various features available in title bar of M.S. Word.

The Title bar is a horizontal bar situated at the highest top point of a window in a GUI. It shows the title of the software, the name of the present document, or other content. For instance, in the image beneath, the title bar shows the program name “MS Word” and the document name “My Document” that is at present being opened.

Features of Title Bar

  • Minimize, Maximize, or close the document.
  • Add Shortcuts
  • We can move our window using mouse holding on the title bar
  • We can add macro on the title bar
  • Dropdown shortcuts of settings and functions
  • Multiple Macro to easy to access
Q-16 – (a). Explain the following in MS Word
(1). Format Painter

Format Painter is a special tool provided by Microsoft Office in which we can copy format(designing) of another content. When we want to copy specific color, font, style, background etc..Format Painter is useful.

(2). Page Setting

Page setting is specific parameters including the layout and display of a printed page. We can set up margins, padding, clear space many other things in Page Setting.

(3). Smart Art

Smart Art is a special tool for showing up our data in a beautiful and clear format Smart Art makes our data very meaningful and easy to understand. It is a graphical format of data Like a presentation.

(4). Table Layout

Collection of Rows and Columns is called Table Layout in which our data can be placed in table form.

Q-16(b). Explain the use of Mail merge.

Mail merge is an option inside MS Word that empowers clients to send a comparable letter or record to various recipients. It empowers associating a solitary structure layout with a data source that contains data about the person’s name, address, and other predefined and upheld data.

So we can say that send same letter to many people in single click is mail merge.

Steps to Complete Mail Merge

  1. Go to Mailing tab click on start mail merge > Step by step Mail merge wizard then select a document type.
  2. Select a starting document.
  3. Select Recipients
  4. Write your document or letter
  5. Preview your document or letter
  6. Complete the merge

Q-17. Explain the entering of data in series in MS-Excel with suitable example.

To enter data in Excel, simply select a cell and start composing. You’ll see the content seem both in the cell and in the equation bar above.

To advise Excel to acknowledge the data you’ve composed, press enter. The data will be entered quickly, and the cursor will descend one cell.

You can likewise press the tab key rather than the enter key. On the off chance that you press tab, the cursor will move one cell to the privilege once the data has been entered.

When Excel sees that you are composing into a rundown, squeezing enter toward the finish of the line will move the cursor down one line and back to the main section.

Whenever while you are composing you can press the getaway key to drop. This takes Excel back to the state it was in before you began composing.

At the point when you need to erase data that has been entered, simply select the cells, and press the erase key.


Q-17(a). Explain the following in MS-Excel :
(1). Data validation

Data validation is a function in MS Excel that checks what data use is entering is this compatible for this place or cell-like name field must fill with text, Mobile Number field must be field by number value, age in a positive number, etc…

We can add an error message to help of used to easy to understand, There is also a feature of warning or exit, We can apply its own choice.

Data validation mostly used when we entering some use full data for our database and it is very necessary because we do not want any mistake in our data.

(2). Macro

Macro’s full name is Mactoinstruction is is a program to record the certain processes of any work. We can say that Macro record our steps of working in our document or sheet.

Macro is useful when we need the same data many times in our work or project, other projects, etc..When Macro proves useful.

Q-17(b). Explain formula bar and status bar in MS-Excel.

The Status bar is a name for the lower edge of the worksheet window, which shows different data about an Excel worksheet. The status bar can be arranged to show things like sum, count, and normal of the as of now chose cells. It likewise shows data about the present status of the worksheet, regardless of whether parchment lock or end mode is empowered, and so on.

Q-18. What do you understand by M.S Windows ? Explain running application under M.S.-Windows.

Microsoft Windows is a gathering of OSs developed by Microsoft. Windows is accessible in 32 and 64-versions forms and offers a graphical user interface (GUI), multitasking functionalities, virtual memory the executives capacities, and backing for a few fringe gadgets. Running many types of applications like Photoshop, word processing like MS Word, PowerPoint, etc… Windows OSs comprise customers just as server variants. Microsoft Windows is a user-friendly interface user can do anything setting by a graphical interface without learning machine learning.

Some applications running under Microsoft Windows

There are unlimited applications are developing continuously in Microsoft Windows, I am going to tell you some of them.

Application Software

  • MS Word: A word processing software used for creating documents in multimedia form, beautiful easy to understand.
  • MS PowerPoint : This software used for creating beautiful presentations.
  • PhotoShop: This software used for making some creativity with our images.
  • Utility Softwares: These software’s are used to handle and improve our Windows like Windows Defender: used to secure our system from malware and viruses, Tera Copy: improve copy file one to another system, etc…

System Software

  • Device Drivers: Software used for access hardware.
  • In-Built Utility: Improve windows.
  • Programming language translator: Convert high-level language to low-level language (Machine Language).


Q-18. Write down short notes on:
(1) Word Art and Clip Art

Word Art

Word art is a preinstalled designing of words or sentences in which there are some beautiful design of text is available is called Word Art. Word Art is used for creating amazing text in our document or Power Point Presentation or any other word processing applications.


PC Software BSc IT 1 Year Solved Paper 2018 MDSU,Example of word art in bsc it
Word Art

Clip Art

The clip art is an alternative of the image where you can select images accordion to your document and place it in your document to make a more clear document. You can find many types of color graphical images for use like a computer, girl, glasses, tree, etc…


Hello friends In this post "PC Software BSc IT 1 Year Solved Paper 2018" you will find all the answer of your question of 2018's paper of PC Software from Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University"
PC Software Clip Art
(2) Place holder and Bullet

Place Holder

In a computer, a placeholder is a help character, word, or sentence that temporarily takes the place of the final data.

Example : < insert your name here >


Bullets are points use for creating a list of elements of steps when we do not need to specify the counting of steps.


  • Bajaj
  • Honda
  • TVS
(3) Paragraph Atributers

Paragraph Attributes are called paragraph formatting, The options for formatting paragraphs are located in the Paragraph Group on the Home tab of MS Word screen. From there, you can change the spacing of text in your paragraph, indent your sentences in a paragraph, and set the alignment of your paragraphs on the left, right, or center of the page.

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