OKC Nurse Back Home After Helping Treat COVID-19 Patients In New York City

OKLAHOMA CITY – Kris Buckley went through three weeks thinking about a few patients battling COVID-19 in New York City.

“Helping individuals that didn’t have any other individual ready to be there for them,” Buckley said. “They can’t have visitors or family in the medical clinics.”

source – news9

As positive cases kept on ascending in New York, Buckley said he needed to lend a hand. He helped patients heal and ameliorated others as they kicked the bucket.

Buckley fills in as an enrolled nurse for OU Medicine and Good Shepherd Hospice. He was joined by different nurses who made the trek toward the East Coast.

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“I was nervous,” Buckley said. “I am kind of in the higher-chance group. I have asthma, so that was a major worry for me.”

Buckley worked at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, working 19 of 21 days there.

“Working each day, 12 to 14 hours, I was essentially coming up to the room and cleaning up and hitting the hay so I could get back up in a couple of hours and go straight back to the medical clinic,” Buckley said.

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Buckley said his time in New York City made him fully aware of how serious this infection has been for certain residents. He accepts the country could be reviving too quickly and cautions individuals must keep on playing it safe.

Though it was a ton of difficult work, Buckley was as yet ready to speak with friends and family back home.

“I know many individuals back here (in Oklahoma) were concerned about the circumstance, so I was continually attempting to alleviate those worries with my family,” Buckley said.

Buckley self-quarantined for about fourteen days when he showed up back to the metro. He hopes to begin working again one week from now.

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