Microsoft cuts some editorial staff, to replace them with AI

Microsoft is reportedly laying off at any rate 50 news production workers and replacing them with artificial intelligence ( AI)— based algorithms to perform their editorial obligations.


As indicated by a report in the Seattle Times on Saturday, approximately 50 employees have been notified “that their services would never again be needed beyond June 30”.

These news production contractors work with Microsoft News, the organization’s news content arm that works and different properties. A Microsoft spokesperson said in an explanation that like all companies, they assess business on a regular premise.

“This can bring about expanded investment in certain spots and, every once in a while, redeployment in others. These choices are not the consequence of the present pandemic,” said the Microsoft spokesperson.

A few employees revealed to Seattle Times that “MSN will utilize artificial intelligence to supplant the production work they’d been doing”.

The work incorporates utilizing algorithms to distinguish drifting news stories from many distributing partners, revamp headlines or including better photos or slide appears.

Besides the production work, the agreement employees likewise planned content, kept up the editorial calendars of accomplice news sites and assigned content to them.