23 May 2020

JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDER CUT: Official Release On HBO MAX in 2021

We All Were Waiting For It Till 2017. Now HBO MAX is going to release Zack Snyder’s version of 2017’s JUSTICE LEAGUE in May 2021

We are all exited for this…

Eventually, we’ll all see Batman’s nightmare that we saw in Batman VS Superman

The desert screen in which Batman goes in the search of kryptonite But he ends up being set up, as the “Kryptonite” is actually a bomb. After mowing down, Batman is eventually subdued by soldiers wearing Superman insignias. Batman in next screen tied up in a dungeon and Superman enters and he pulls off Batman’s mask he tells Batman’s it’s his fault for taking her away.hard cut and Bruce back at his computer and strange guy surrounded by lighting comes out of a portal and tells him that he too early, Bruce is right about “Him always right about him” and Bruce needs to save Lois. She’s the Key. Then there’s one more hard cut, and Bruce wakes up from in front of his computer.


We all are confused. About what happened ? and what was flash talking about ? IN 2021 we will get the answer in Zack Snyder Cut.

Time Travel

This is a rumor that we saw a time travel in Synder Cut. Victor(cyborg) forcing flash to do time travel so that he can go back in time and meet batman and tell him what he has to do. And this screen will be directly connected from Batman’s nightmare that we saw in Batman VS Superman.

A Green Lantern ?


During a flashback showing the invasion of Earth a Green Lantern join the team against Steppenwolf’s Forces. It is still questioning who will join the team as Green Lantern. Hal Jordan OR John Stewart.

Martian Manhunter

Zack snyder give Easter egg of Manhunter in his Vero Account

We will see the small appearance of Martian Manhunter on Justice League Snyder Cut. harry Lennox has played the united states secretary of defense Calvin Swanwick. Swanwick plays the role of Martian Manhunter in this movie.

Black Superman Suit

It has been confirmed by Zack Snyder that we will get to see the Black Superman Suit, which we will not see in the previous version of this Movie


It’s a rumor that we will see the small appearance of DARKSEID in the main climax of the movie…

What makes the cut for snyder cut

zack Snyder has insisted that his version of the Justice League will feel like an entirely different movie from Joss Whedon’s version. It’ll additional character development, new visual effects sequences, and some added dialogue. The running time of this movie will be 214 minutes long.