30 May 2020

Google, Microsoft Team Up to Launch New Advance Built-In Spellchecker for Chrome and Edge Users

Google and Microsoft joined forces to launch the latest and advanced Spellchecker for Chrome and Edge users. The new Spell-checker, which improves some features of spell checking.

It replaces the old Hunspell Spellchecker that was built-in on an open-source platform. According to Microsoft, the news built-in spellchecker brings about a series of benefits of additional languages and dialects.

The new spellchecker give better support for email addresses, URLs, acronyms etc.

This feature was developed as a collaboration between Google and Microsoft in the Chromium Project, It will enable in all Windows and Chrome browsers, Microsoft said in a blog post.

New Spellchecker User Experience

To try this new feature in your hand, you will need to install the Microsoft Edge version 83 on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Moreover, if you want to install this feature to more languages, you can enable this feature in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Some additional setting for chrome user: – if you are a Chrome user and is unable to find the news spellcheck feature, then you have to enable a flag and get it straight away, using chrome://flags/ then search spellcheck and enable it.

source – news18