21 May 2020

China urges the US to commit to defeating COVID-19 pandemic, not issue 'ultimatum' to WHO

China on Wednesday urged the US to commit to defeating the COVID-19 pandemic at an early date, rather than giving an “ultimatum” to the global association that drives the battle against the pandemic.

Source : Timesnownews

Foreign Service representative Zhao Lijian offered the comments at a question and answer session when solicited to remark on the reaction from Canadian Executive Justin Trudeau, the Representative for Foreign Issues and Security Approach at the European Commission and Russia’s Perpetual Agent to the Assembled Countries Office in Geneva exactly distributed on Twitter by US President Donald Trump.

“It is obvious to see that the worldwide community, by and large, can’t help contradicting the U.S. activities of distorting the realities, repudiating itself, accusing others, and sabotaging universal participation in battling the pandemic,” Zhao said. Zhao said China has explained and disproved the paradoxes recorded in the letter commonly.

The letter guaranteed “Taiwanese specialists had conveyed data to the World Health Organization (WHO) showing human-to-human transmission of another infection.” The truth of the matter is the email sent by the Taiwanese side to WHO on Dec. 31 didn’t specify human-to-human transmission by any means, predominantly to get data from the WHO.

The purported “Chinese pioneer on Jan. 21 supposedly constrained WHO Chief General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus not to announce the coronavirus episode an emergency” is completely fabricated. Both China and the WHO have given grave articulations. Chinese pioneer never conversed with Chief General Tedros via telephone on Jan. 21.

Concerning allegations against WHO Chief General Tedros for praising the Chinese government for its straightforwardness regarding the coronavirus, announcing that China had set another standard for episode control, the U.S. side appears to have overlooked that the U.S. pioneer has publicly and emphatically assessed China’s enemy of epidemic work on numerous events.

On Jan. 25, President Trump tweeted that China has been striving to contain the coronavirus, and the US values China’s endeavors and straightforwardness. On Walk 13, President Trump told correspondents that the information shared by China would enable the US to battle the pandemic, as indicated by Zhao.

There are still more slip-ups and loopholes on the U.S. side, just as more lies and gossipy tidbits. I won’t show them individually,” Zhao stated, including realities are uncovered for all to see, and the worldwide community has its own feeling on the credibility of this letter.

At the point when Wuhan entered lockdown on Jan. 23, there was one affirmed case in the US. On Feb. 2, the US shut its fringe to every single Chinese resident and foreigners who had been to China in the previous 14 days. There were 11 affirmed cases at that point as indicated by legitimate information from the US. On Walk 13, the US proclaimed a national highly sensitive situation. By then, the number rose to 1,264. On Walk 19, affirmed cases passed 10,000. On Walk 27, the number surged to more than 100,000. On April 8, when the lockdown on Wuhan was lifted, the quantity of affirmed cases in the US was 400,000. Today, it is more than 1.57 million, with in excess of 90,000 fatal cases.

We are saddened by these lost lives and wish the American individuals an early victory over the pandemic,” the representative stated, including U.S. lawmakers may be acceptable at political control, however their endeavor to move accuse won’t work, on the grounds that the results of their flippancy are excessively exorbitant.

Taking note of China isn’t just liable for the security and health of its own kin, yet additionally for the worldwide general health cause, Zhao said China has taken the most complete, exacting and intensive counteraction and control measures.

Zhao said with an open, straightforward and dependable mentality, China has conveniently refreshed the WHO and pertinent nations remembering the US for the pandemic, shared the genome succession of the infection at the most punctual time conceivable, keeps on offering involvement with avoidance and treatment to all gatherings without reservation, and help different nations deprived as well as could be expected, Zhao said.

Focusing on China’s firm help to the main job of the WHO in the worldwide enemy of pandemic participation, the representative said unilateralism, self-centeredness, avoidance of duty and even pressure and terrorizing of the WHO are demonstrations of lack of concern to life, difficulties to philanthropy and sabotaging of universal collaboration against the pandemic.

“We exhort some US lawmakers to think about themselves, stop political control and utilize their vitality to spare more lives,” Zhao said.