10 Works of Computer -"Computer Project"

Hello! my dear little friends. I know what is your need in this post you will get the 10 most important work of Computer. I think maybe you find Works of Computer it for any project or Home Work or gain knowledge about computers.

Types of Computer

There are four types of computer available :

  1. Super Computer
  2. Mainframe Computer
  3. Mini Computer
  4. Micro Computer

Super Computer

A very powerful computer in terms of performance and data stability is called Super Computer. The supercomputer is not available normally they designed for specific tasks and used like scientific calculations, meter, future imagination.

Popular Super Computer

  • IBM’s Sequoia, in the United States
  • ​Fujitsu’s K Computer in Japan
  • ​IBM’s Mira in the United States
  • ​IBM’s SuperMUC in Germany

Mainframe Computer

Mainframe computers are less powerful as compare to Super Computer but they have their own powerful importance, also they are quite expensive. Mostly used in govt work, any large requirement of data, etc..

Popular Mainframe Computer

  • ​Fujitsu’s ICL VME
  • ​Hitachi’s Z800

Mini Computer

Mini Computer is used in little business or a small organization we can say that they do not have too much power but still rock in the Market. Their storage capacity is lesser then Supercomputer and Mainframe Computer. Mini Computer is mostly used for monitoring cameras, security cameras, etc..

Popular Mini Computer

  • ​K-202
  • ​Texas Instrument TI-990
  • ​SDS-92
  • ​IBM Midrange computers

Micro Computer

Desktop computers, smartphones, laptops, etc. are included in Micro Computer. We can say that normal computers are called Micro Computer. You already know everything about Micro Computer.

Works of Computer

There are many uses of computers in real-time. A computer is used everywhere like home, school, college, railway, medical, study, etc… Let see Important works of computer.

Calculation – Main Work of Computer

Before the invention of computers, it was very difficult for us to do calculations. But nowadays we are able to calculate as soon as a pinch. It is not magic it is a computer. No matter what the calculation is, small or big, we can do every kind of calculation.

Store Data – (important Work of Computer)

We know how important is any information for us. Compute helps in storing data in clean form. We can store any type of data on the computer. like pictures, records, school records, videos, music, movie, etc.


Computers are very useful in the medical field the can calculate human life, important medicine, a record of the patient, etc.


Computers are very useful for students in their studies. We can find every knowledge in just one single click from the internet by using computer. Student can store their projects on a computer, make notes on computers, create amazing presentations in Computers by using different types of software.

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Education System – Useful work of computer

We mean to says that computers are used in education systems like school, college, coaching center, etc. for store complete information of students for future purposes. Admission forms are also fill-up in the computer at this time. Computers are automatically sending progress reports to a student’s parents. Automatically calculate student performance any many other features are available in the computer.

Temperature – Analog Computer

We know that computers can do many magical things including temperature calculation. We can easily get information of temperature in real-time by using a computer.


A computer is also used for development work like designing, programming, etc. We can easily develop any computer software by using our own computer, to do this we need some programming knowledge.

For designing purpose computers are prove very useful n these days. Most beautiful designs are made by computers.


These days computers are the most entertaining thing because of everything available for entertainment, like games, movies, music, TV shows, etc. Most people buy a computer for Entertainment only.

Explore our own creativity in computers.

Social Media

Social Media is the most popular thing on the internet, everybody is on social media. Social Media is a Website or application where we can easily connect to many people, unknown, friends, etc.

Robotic World

By using computers many works are automated by computers, not a human body need for doing work like, calculate temperature, make programs, lightning, etc. Robots are the biggest example of Automation.

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is the most powerful thing in this time created by humans. Artificial Intelligence is a complex program for doing any work as a human. Like Traffic Handle, Google Assistant, etc.

Conclusion – Works of Computer

This was a basic article on works of computer, I think you read it carefully and share it with your friends and your family. In this article, I told you about Types of Computer and Works of Computer.